We are an intimate team of geeks.

YOAV VILNER >> Co-Founder

>> CEO

Yoav and Ranky

Yoav Vilner is a top tier blogger who has been featured on Forbes, Huff Post, Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, Inc, ReadWrite, TheNextWeb, SocialMediaExaminer and Linkedin’s company blog.
Early 2015 he was elected a top 100 FinTech influencer on Twitter. Yoav is mentoring startups in the best accelerators in the world, and, in overall, a pretty lame person.




>> COO

Shachar is involved in everything Ranky and its whacky team does. When Shachar finds someone to talk to, he loves brainstorming about crazy growth hacking ideas for worldwide startups. So please, stop being all snobby and just talk to him!





>> VP Operations


Being brought up in a house with a commodore 64 guru grandpa and a father that can’t stand anything with a keyboard, evolved Philip into a computer/internet expert that is patient with others that just don’t have the tech bug in them. A stack marketer that trains in MMA after work Philip says he can read Google’s mind…  we just nod along and smile politely.



Lior M.

>> SEO&PPC Wizard

Lior is an SEO magician constantly conjuring up new ideas for start-up growth. He firmly believes that page 2 of Google search results is the best place to hide dead bodies. When he’s not daydreaming about keywords he fantasizes how his favorite soccer team will win the championship (it’s never going to happen)


Darren G.

>> SEO & PPC Wizard


Darren is Ranky’s resident funny man. An original East Londoner with a witty wit and a crazy cool accent, he now lives in Jerusalem with his family. He has a thing for the number 18- the bus where he met his wife, the day his children were born. Darren is a technical wizard, whipping up client results with his SEO / PPC magic. Ranky is lucky to be his home away from home.

Jonathan S.

>> SEO&PPC Wizard

Jonathan is an SEO ninja, always lurking and confounding Google’s first page, never resting until achieving best-expected results.

Innovative technologies, new challenges & creative processes guide his way, and In addition to being a happy husband and a proud father, he is a vigorous web thinker who cares about making a difference.


Lior K.

>> SEO&PPC Wizard


Ranky’s youngest Munchkin, Lior shocks everyone with his professionalism and impressive SEO and PPC skills.

When he’s not helping clients succeed, Lior loves to travel to faraway places and bring back yummy treats to his coworkers. He’s also a professional air hockey player and an avid soccer and football fan.

Amir A.

>> Social Media Wizard

Amir is a middle earth Social Media wizard, passionate to conquer startups’ audience attention with a proper social media use, that highlights strengths that may not shine through in an interview or application and gives the world a wider aspect of who they are. You can hear him whispering strategies core values in Rankyville’s hall ‘Listen.. reply… help… grow’.


Shayna S.

>> Content Marketing Munchkin


Born and raised in Silicon Valley, with stints in England and LA, Shayna has decided Tel Aviv is the place to be. She loves writing about technology and culture. When she’s not typing away, she’s under the Mediterranean sun, salsa dancing or busting a yoga pose.

Karen W.

>> Content Marketing Munchkin

As Ranky’s only female red-head, Karen’s feet have been in both humid Tel Aviv and sunny Florida – how is that she hates the heat? Karen has a love for animals and British accents. When not daydreaming about Target or Chipotle, she’s busy writing first class content for hi-tech startups.


Roberta R.

>> Content Marketing Munchkin


Roberta is Ranky’s resident classy Italian, with an innate passion for eating Italian delicacies rather than cooking them, she is an eternal optimist, positive thinker and genuine online stalker. She first came to check out Tel Aviv’s latest fashion trends, but when she met Ranky, it was love at first click. She couldn’t help but falling in love with the little Munchkin, so she is now one of his Content Marketing groupies, così è la vita.

Noam D.

>> Content Marketing Munchkin

Noam is a riddle wrapped inside an enigma, dipped in some tehina. Belgian-born, London-raised, with Israel in her blood, she is truly one of a kind. Whether kicking up some dust in Capoeira, playing fetch with her dog Batman or writing about technology and society until her nails hurt, she is a busy bee. She is happy to be part of the Munchkin squad and always brings team cheer, fun and laughter.


Lee M.

>> Head of Rankyville


When Lee’s not busy raising little human beings and being an overall cool human herself, she runs the Ranky ship and makes sure all the Munchkins eat well and get paid (that’s why they’re all so nice to her)!  She’s also the resident Ranky DJ, motivating all with upbeat and awesome music (including Britney). With a fun, positive attitude and jokes galore, Lee brightens the office every day.


Ranky is our Founder, Boss, Secretary and Janitor. He’s the sweetest munchkin you’ll ever meet, and guess what, he’s not just a munchkin – he’s a Growth Hacking munchkin!


D’ya like Ranky’s dags?

Joy's obsession with biscottino’s is real. She has a strong fashion sense and loves warm cuddles. Just because she weighs less than your iPhone 6 doesn’t mean she’s not sassy! When she's not prancing past the most handsome teacup-size terriers, she barks at leaves and plastic bags in the wind.
Lana is the resident canine feminist. She doesn't let her two X chromosomes get her down — she plays in the dirt, runs the fastest and jumps the highest. Her one floppy ear is her trademark look; she isn't named after Lana Del Rey for nothing.
When he's not busy looking after Gotham City, Batman enjoys fetching sticks, rolling over, and swimming in water fountains. He is the biggest softie around, bringing goodness and cheer to everyone with his winning smile and doggie breath. He puts even the most loyal human to shame, and his love of red meat is his Achilles heel.
Diego is the studliest Shihtzu around. He loves jumping up and down and fetching his squeezy tennis ball. Ladies love Diego for his suave and too-cool-for-school manner. At home though, he's more soft and cuddly with his favorite two-legged creatures, the Margolis family.
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