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5 Little-Known Profiles That Rank High For Names



Howdy, Munchkins!

In today's post I'm going to reach out to all the sharp marketeers out there who use various tatics to control their or their clients Google reputation.
In a world where potential employers, clients, friends and enemies will google your name, it is mandatory to be able to take control of it.

How do you control your Google results?

First of all you should be active on all social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
Then, you should be active on social communities and forums like Quora and SlideShare (these are Google-magnets, guaranteed).
You should also contribute guest posts to top-tier blogs and publications, because blogs' author pages rank high.

There are also a few websites that come in handy when managing your online reputation - here are some of them:

Secret Profile #1: Threadless.

Threadless is a website that sells funny T-shirts worldwide, but it can also be used to boost your search results. How? Just sign up on Threadless, and then head over to their subdomain at You can then write a very basic and cute post and you'll have your own Threadless search result in no time.

Obviously, the more text - the better for ranking on search engines.





Secret Profile #2: MOZ.

If you are active in the online marketing blogosphere, then you already know that Moz (Ex-SEOmoz) is the world's most popular startup & community for SEO.

Sign up to Moz, create your profile and name it after you. Also, when adding descriptions and text to your profile, make sure you mention your name several times. 

If you have a few additional minutes, you can also be active in the Moz blog to gain MozPoints - this will also encourage the high rankings of your Moz Profile due to engagement.




 Secret Profile #3: StackOverflow.

StackOverflow is the world's leading hubspot for developers that can turn into a gold mine when it comes to online reputation.

Even if it's a developers' platform, you don't have to be a developer to sign up and create a StackOverflow profile under your name.

As it's one of the most active websites and it's domain has really high authority, the search results for your name will rank really high.

Also, if you have any knowledge in coding whatsoever - don't shy away from participating in their discussions.





Secret Profile #4: LookBook.

Successful fashion websites are one of the most underused resources for reputation management.

These websites live off the engagement of their communities, so the more user generated content - the better for them. When a user upload a picture, you can 'hype' him/her, which is the equivalent of 'like' on Facebook.

Sign up and create a profile under your name. To make sure you're an active part of the community, post and share fashion-related pictures. 



Secret Profile #5: ScoopIt.

ScoopIt is a personalized-content platform that lets you share and recieve your favorite content.

You can just sign in with any of your social media accounts, or choose "I don't have a social media account" to sign in with your email account.

Tip: Scoop sends daily roundups of personalized content trough their newsletter, so if you aren't interested simply unsubscribe from their mailing list.



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