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Our Ultimate Guide to Creating Effective Content

So, you’ve heard marketers across all industries reiterating the importance of content, “content is king,” and “content will drive more leads and sales,” they claim, yet you’re still to notice any great results?

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How to Upgrade Your Marketing Game With Personalized Content

The marketing game has changed drastically since its inception those many years ago. With the focus shifting from the brand to the consumer, marketers can't simply create a campaign and call it a day.  

Our technological age unlocked the "pandora's box," so to say, of information, which has made consumers wiser, more demanding, and more reactive. One little slip-up and consumers will move on to a competitor with the click of a button. 

What's more, with new trends, innovative technological advancements, and fierce competition, it seems more challenging than ever to keep up and execute a successful campaign, right? 

Wrong! With the correct methods, you'll be able to knock your marketing efforts out of the park. Want to know how?


Remember that while we may have several AI tools at our disposal, the success of a campaign is still heavily dependent on human interactions.

So, how can we use personalization to build better human relationships and succeed in our campaigns?

Let's find out.

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The Rise of Food-Tech Startups and How Digital Marketing Comes into Play

Have you noticed a huge change in the way we produce, process, distribute, and consume food? Our food consumption habits have been completely shaken up due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, that's not the only reason for the huge market shift, the emergence of new technologies, innovative startups, and a boom in eCommerce has also played a huge role in rapid growth. 

In fact, according to Emergen research experts, the anticipated growth rate will take the food tech market size to a value of $342 billion by 2027! So, while more and more food tech companies jump on this growth bandwagon and aim to stand out and make a difference, what can you do to ensure your company doesn't fall behind?

It's simple; invest resources in digital marketing. 

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