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5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Knock Out Stress and Work Toward Growth

Here’s a fact that you probably already know: owning a business is stressful. Here’s one you may not be aware of: stress is not only unhealthy for the business as it currently stands, it’s also a natural enemy of growth. For the sake of your business - both current and future - take a look at these tips for success.


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Focus on Reducing Stress in Your Employees

If you have a bunch of stressed-out employees two things will never, ever happen. First, you will never truly reduce your own personal stress load. And second, your business will not be able to grow and achieve new goals. You can’t completely eradicate another human being’s stress, but you can make their job and work environment as stress-free as possible.

One key tip is to be honest and transparent with your employees about your goals for them and the business as a whole. Stress thrives when people are left in the dark. Another tip is to share profits. If your employees know they will benefit from the company’s success, you’re going to have more relaxed, focused employees. You should make them feel as though they are growing the company with you, not for you.

Plan for Disaster

Don’t worry - you’re probably not plunging toward a disaster! But you must have a plan for what you would do if something unforeseen occurred. Planning for as many contingencies - however unlikely or bizarre - that you can will only help you reduce stress and move your business forward. Here are some common hurdles that small business owners eventually face. You should have a plan for how you will address each one.

Be OK with Failure

The word “failure” gets a bad rap - especially in the business world. Growth comes out of small failures. It’s better to think of it as unsuccessful attempts. When you are comfortable with trying new things and possibly failing at them, you will no longer be stressed about it. You’ll instead embrace it. As CNBC notes, “If the new strategy works, great. If it doesn't, learn from it, refine your approach, and try again.

Avoid, or at Least Manage, Scheduling Conflicts

Your business likely runs smoothly most of the time, but scheduling conflicts can bring everything to a grinding halt. To make sure the gears stay lubed, have a plan to avoid if possible, but at least manage, the all-too-common issue of small business scheduling conflicts. According to Square, most of these issues arise when you, as an owner, accidentally double-book an employee, schedule an unavailable employee for an important time slot, or give one or more employees more shifts than others. If you want to get ahead of this, consider researching available scheduling software for help.

Don’t Forget to Save Some Time for Wellness

For those who think that working yourself into the ground is a virtue - think again. It’s counterproductive. In order to have the energy to push for new goals in your business and the stamina and state of mind to maintain a high level of work you must focus on self-care. Like many things, a small business is only as healthy as the person that runs it.

Your diet is important. So is getting enough exercise. And possibly the most vital step in your wellness plan should be getting quality sleep. In fact, a good diet can even aid in better sleep!

Follow these strategies to hit the ground running and achieve the many goals you’ve given yourself - some of which you haven’t attempted out of trepidation of failure. Create a serene work environment and company culture (for both you and your employees), plan for the unexpected, and have a system in place to reduce scheduling conflicts. You’ll be stress-free and growing in no time.


Written by Julie Morris
Julie Morris is a life and career coach. She thrives on helping others live their best lives. It’s easy for her to relate to clients who feel run over by life because she’s been there. After years in a successful (but unfulfilling) career in finance, Julie busted out of the corner office that had become her prison. Today, she is fulfilled by helping busy professionals like her past self get the clarity they need in order to live inspired lives that fill more than just their bank accounts. When Julie isn’t working with clients, she enjoys writing and is currently working on her first book. She also loves spending time outdoors and getting lost in a good book. Visit her site at


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