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Growth Hacking Case Study: Give Them Free PR



Howdy Munchkins!

On today's post i'll be sharing a Growth Hacking secret with you, one that has personally worked for me in an unbelievable way.

So one of Growth Hacking's many, many meanings is acquiring tons of new users due to a slight product change. Today I want to focus on giving a special benefit to users in order to acquire them.



The Need For Public-Reputation

In the above headline^ I combined two very related terms: PR (Public Relations) and Reputation.

In a world where most of us Google for a certain product/brand before purchasing it or even trying it out for free, there's almost nothing more important than a positive Google-reputation. In a previous blog post I had discussed a couple of unknown websites that rank high for your name, in addition to the obvious websites such as, BrandYourself, Online CV, LookUpPage and the rest.

So if you're a service or a website that seeks its next brilliant growth hack to acquire lots of unique users, you should consider offering them a positive google result as part of signing up.




App Developers & Me

A couple of years ago I was the owner/editor of a popular App Review magazine. After reaching 100,000 unique visitors a month with SEO & Social marketing, we felt stuck.

No matter how good our audience thought we were, the numbers froze in place and we started brainstorming about new growth hacks to acquire new users...

...Then it hit us.

You see, up until that point of time, we only focused on acquiring App users - by writing helpful guides about iPhone/Android features or by reviewing Apps in an awesome way.

That's when we realized it's about time to focus on a whole new segment of traffic we never focused on: the App Developers.

And what can we offer App Developers that will cost us Zero US Dollars and work as a traffic magnet?

You guessed it.. FREE PR!



App Directory

So we opened a new section in our website and named it "App Base". Similarly to CrunchBase, it allowed an App Developer to submit basic info about his App (name, icon, screenshots, description and direct download links).

Then, a new URL was generated and preserved uniquely for their App. Due to our massive amount of incoming links and social signals, our long-tail pages ranked very high for the App names.

How did it look from the inside?




See what I mean?

Many new Apps submitted to us each day, almost 600 Apps are still in the queue - and each new page generated drives lots of traffic.


Think SERP

So when you're approaching this Growth Hacking tactic, think SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Your strategy should consist of the following steps:


Step #1: Get great incoming links to point to your website. See our guide for becoming an online influencer to see how easy it could be.

Step #2: Find a spot in your website's funnel where it makes sense to generate a unique page preserved to that user's own name or product name.

Step #3: Make sure these pages are crawlable and indexable.

Step #4: Find the right Organic keywords that will help new prospects find those pages naturally.


As you can see, the logic here is simple and is very similar to "standard" SEO. You just need to come up with ways to increase your domain's authority, so you could rank high for long-tail pages.

That's it for today, let us know how it worked out for you!


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