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How to Always Nail Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Every day, billions of emails move from one inbox to the next. All marketers who want to increase their sales and create a large customer base will need to use this conventional method.

Email marketing, like every other marketing technique, is a constantly changing environment. Before incorporating this email marketing strategy, brands should consider new trends and data.

This article will show you how to stay on top of email marketing trends by crashing your email marketing game. Many email marketing services are available on the market to assist you in achieving your email marketing objectives.

Remember that email marketing techniques require trial and error, so follow the guidelines below but don't hesitate to tweak your plan if something doesn't work for your goals.

So, let's take a look at how you can nail your email marketing RIGHT NOW.Email Marketing

Personalize all emails 

When you think of personalization, what thought pops to mind? An image of an email with a name greeting? Or something similar?

The reality is that this strategy used to work, but as time has moved on, things have progressed - and you'll want to make sure you're up to date.

So goodbye, "Dear [insert name here]."

Many email providers and people consider these emails to be spam, particularly now that there are so many cybersecurity threats all over the internet. Users are less likely to accept this type of email and are warier due to identity theft or credit card fraud, to name but a few examples.

Building relationships is a big part of email marketing. An online email marketing service can help you improve these relationships with campaigns that gain data over time for personalization. 

You have a better chance of your message being opened and read if the receiver trusts you, knows who you are, or realizes the lengths you took to understand their problems. 

So, how is this done? 

With personalization. It is a critical component that will help you stay ahead of the competition. To ensure that your personalization is on target, avoid generalizing and instead make use of all of the data obtained from your website, landing pages, CRM, existing customers, and other sources.

Demographics and previous buying history are two examples of data you can use. Have a greeting that is specific to the user's location or items that are close to what your subscribers are looking for on your website.

Up to 80% of customers will react positively to product personalization. Do you know why?

As they know you're interested in helping them find what they're looking for.

The takeaway here is that personalization must be used as an email tool in any marketing campaign you submit, but it must be done in a meaningful way.

Personalization will skyrocket your revenue if you take the time to set up custom fields to collect all of the appropriate information from your subscribers. Always remember: sending emails tailored to a recipient's needs and history demonstrates even more concern, and in turn, a true understanding of pain points.

Long vs. short email subject lines

Subject lines are those interesting sentences that can either boost or derail an entire campaign.

The subject line is the first thing your subscribers will see in their inboxes and will influence their decision as to whether they should open the email and continue reading or not. 

So what makes a great subject line? 

Subject line

Well, some intriguing results from a study included that best email subject lines with six to nine words had higher click-through rates, whereas those with four to five words had higher open rates.

That’s for the length, but what about copy

Subject lines are challenging to write, and I can assure you that just because they work for some marketers doesn't mean they'll work for you. Conduct A/B testing with various subject lines to determine which one your subscriber list prefers.

If you don’t want to put your headline to the outside world without testing, leverage subject line tester tools to find out how it performs before clicking send.


Segment your email list.

Segmentation is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign, according to email marketers.

Do you have any idea why it's so valuable?

Because segmenting your database allows you to develop more tailored campaigns for your audience.

The following basic example will help us better understand how segmentation works: 

Let’s say we'd like to host a networking event for small business owners within a 10-mile radius.

Segmentation is the most effective way to get the best return on investment for our case. We would need to build a segment of people who identify as small business owners and live within 10 miles of our case, and then give them an email invitation.

This community would be much more focused than our entire directory of subscribers from around the world. After all, receiving an email inviting you to an event on the other side of the world is highly inconvenient.

Let's look at the value of segmentation now that we know how it operates.

If you divide your lists into parts, you'll be able to increase:

  • open rates (91%)
  • click through rates (38%)
  • revenue
  • lead generation
  • transactions 

Do you want to know the most exciting part?

Segmentation isn't used by 9 out of 10 advertisers.

Here are a few examples of segmentation that can help you gain a competitive edge:

  • Segment by industry
  • Segment by company size
  • Segment by sales cycle

Segmentation can be straightforward, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can assist you as they cultivate relationships with your contacts while keeping track of client background and all pertinent contact details.

During the pandemic, marketers' top focus shifted to the user experience. CRM software will assist you in managing the company's customer relationships during the sales and after-sales processes.

Trying to manage the CRM with spreadsheets can be frustrating and yield poor results for small businesses.

CRM solutions are easier to use and do more than just store contact information. They can also add activities to the calendar and set reminders. is a perfect example of a CRM that combines all the features you need to create an unprecedented user experience.

CRM software often combines phone calling and texting better to understand the clients, typically with recorded conversations.

In today's fast-paced environment, having software that can do so much for the segmentation process is extremely useful. Remember that the aim here is to improve the user experience, so if a CRM tool can help your brand create better relationships, it should be in your toolbox for 2021.

Email out free content! As it's the best content there is.

Consumers adore freebies. Given this, why not try incorporating more free content into your email marketing campaigns?

Bluewire Media conducted a study to see how different content styles affected emails. There was an increase in click-through rates from 22% to 66% when templates and resources were freebies.

When it comes to tools, e-books, expert interviews, and even photo albums the increase in conversions wasn’t as high. As previously mentioned, you must conduct your tests for your lists, but this is an excellent place to start.

Another suggestion is to build a course and give away some of the content for free to get more buyers and have some value first. An example of a recent email I got a few days ago is shown below.


Remember that, according to the study, templates and tools are the most valuable resources that convert, but each list is different, so if you can't produce this type of content, concentrate on what works for you.

Make your emails responsive to mobile devices.

The impact of mobile is apparent, and email is one aspect of your marketing plan that is impacted. 

Although the impact is favorable, getting the most out of these new technologies necessitates accepting mobile devices. Mobile accounts for 41% of all email opens, and this figure is expected to rise.

To get you started, here are some mobile design pointers:

  • Choose a one-column template.
  • Create your buttons at least 45 pixels wide by 45 pixels tall.
  • Increase the size of your font to improve readability on smartphones.
  • Make the call-to-action easy to tap. 

Testing your emails on various devices: you won't know what works until you put them to the test. Many email service providers let you preview your emails before sending them to see how they'll look on various devices. It’s important you do this to ensure your emails are mobile-friendly, as if not, you’ll be missing out and killing your conversion rate.

The takeaway

All of these suggestions will help you improve your email marketing plan and increase your ROI. Pay attention to the tiny details and test each piece of information to see what works best for your brand.

With years of experience up our sleeves, we are able to help you nail your email marketing in a few easy steps. As certified HubSpot partners, we have marketing automation at our fingertips. Let us provide you with a tailored solution to your marketing needs, by contacting us now - and watch your ROI skyrocket.

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