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Ranky Wants To Mentor A Female Entrepreneur For Free. Here's Why


The headlines don’t lie.

Everywhere we’ve looked recently, we have been confronted with staggering statistics proving that female employees are less likely to work in startups. Not to mention, the lack of women upholding executive roles in these budding businesses.

Of course it’s distressing to see these numbers, but for us at Ranky, it really stung.

Why? Because, being that Ranky is a startup environment itself, we are well aware that our female employees are fabulous and a crucial part of our great success.

Why else? Because we at Ranky can’t just sit on the sidelines and do nothing about it!





So, with the introduction of an incredible new year, we decided to be the first company to actually do something about these disappointing statistics.

Before the month of January is over, we will choose one female entrepreneur, that has a great product (not just an idea), but no funds to support her startup’s growth and marketing. With the amazing relationships that we have developed we want to pay it forward.

We will advise you and help guide your creativity allowing your product to flourish into a successful startup. Just as we do with the best accelerators in London and Tel Aviv, we will give you the guidance and advice to skyrocket your startup!


We want to see you succeed, so we will provide you with:

1) Office space in Rankyville

2) Unlimited access to our brains and knowledge

3) Our marketing guidance specifically for your product

4) Access to our big network of investors and entrepreneurs  



Yeah, free.


Is it Ranky you’re looking for? Drop us a line – we will only choose one!


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