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How to Use Your Customer's Voice to Create Powerful Content That Converts

It’s widely recognized that listening to your customers can help you build a better customer experience, and improve key business metrics like customer retention. But your customer’s voice can also play a pivotal role in your marketing strategy. In fact, it can do something that no amount of branded copy can do: building trust with your target audience.

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4 Ways To Optimize Your B2B About Us Page

Developing the very important but overlooked 'About Us' page!

However, this is easier said than done as when it comes down to it, companies tend to hit the proverbial brick wall.

There’s a fine line between selling yourself and coming across as arrogant, making this page a very difficult one to write. Finding the balance between the two will create an impressive 'About Us' page that sparks visitors interest by providing them with key company information.

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Sports Tech: Trends and Challenges to Watch out for

The startup environment is an ever evolving and dynamic one, characterized by continuous growth and innovation. The number of young entrepreneurs bravely seeking to bring forth new ideas is growing and that, in recent years, has allowed for a rise of startups in new fields. These innovative fields are usually born out of the need to adapt to evolving trends and users’ changing needs.

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