Startup Marketing Made Perfect With Ranky

The Berlin Startup Scene: Lessons Learned

Somewhere in the middle of June, we spoke, Yoav and I about the fact that we need to expand our services to other markets around the world.

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Ranky Wants To Mentor A Female Entrepreneur For Free. Here's Why


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How To Choose The Right Startup-Marketing Strategy?

Whenever a Startup is asking for our help in marketing, we first try to understand his needs. Of course the number one thing they ask for is to “let it grow”; meaning they are looking to increase something, whether it be sales, downloads, leads, traffic or anything else that might help lead the product to success. The second thing is assessing the right service that will do the trick in order to make it grow. While it may sound pretty easy to choose the right service from a box full of great services, but the truth is that to choose the winner service isn’t such an easy task.


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