Startup Marketing Made Perfect With Ranky

What Services Does Your Company Need?

So you’ve taken a look at the numerous services that Ranky can offer you. You know exactly what’s your startup’s goal - to grow healthy and strong. However, you’re still uncertain about the right services that could make your growth-dream come true. Let us guide you, step by step, throughout an exhaustive journey to finding the best services for your company.


1 - Tell Us about Your Product - We’ll Tell You about Your Clients

We know each startup is unique in its own way and we’re aware of the fact that each disruptive technology brought to us has the potential to grow exponentially. However, what we don’t know to begin with, is what your product does and why it’s different from all the other similar products out there.

This is a really important step - a better understanding of your company’s product or service will allow us to serve you with an in depth competitor research and clients’ analysis.

2 - Set Your Main Goal

There are usually three common marketing issues that lead companies to hire an inbound marketing agency like Ranky. These issues also reflect the goal that the company wants to achieve throughout the inbound marketing strategy they’re looking to embrace.

The company needs more customer

The first step to getting more clients is understanding your audience and providing them with quality content that answers their questions. That’s why producing quality content for your readers should be the main priority throughout the entire marketing strategy. An effective content marketing plan can help you speak to the right people, about the right subject matters and at the right times.

Content is an essential tool for bringing more customers not just because it can attract leads to your website, but also because it helps turning leads into actual customers. Informative articles that deal with your buyer personas’ problems are examples of a piece of content that help your company generate lead. Email newsletters and whitepapers are typical content formats that help you close the already existing quality leads on your website.

The company needs more leads

If your website doesn’t attract enough leads, the first question to be asked is ‘Do you have any leads magnet?’. A lead magnet is any valuable piece that you can offer your users to pay them back for leaving their contact information on your site.

If you don’t have any leads magnets on your site, the right answer will be - again - content, content, content. Guides and reports, cheat sheets and checklists, resource lists, and any other valuable piece of content you can provide constitute a decisive factor for a user to share his contact details.

If you do have leads magnets on your site but , the number of your company’s leads is still lower than expected, then the problem might be the way your website looks. Your website’s first impression will leave a lasting opinion among users. Dated, slow, and complicated websites have a negative impact on the customers’ willingness to leave their contact information. A strategic approach that focus on website optimization will provide your site with a clean design, effective copywriting and compelling CTAs.
An efficient inbound marketing service can help you evaluate sitemaps, design, and content with the final goal of attracting more leads.

The company needs more traffic

A low amount of traffic on the company’s website is always a crucial reason for deciding to hire a digital marketing agency. In this case, the next natural question will be ‘How much time do you have?’ This is a really crucial question. The amount of time you have for your inbound marketing strategy determines the solution to your problem.

Short on time
Time can be pressing for some companies, especially startups at their earlier stages. When that’s the case for a company that, at the same time, is also interested in increasing traffic to the site - PPC is the answer.
Setting up a PPC campaign involves several steps such as researching, planning and building the campaign. The timeframe required for all these actions to take place varies from company to company but it’s usually up to one month. The final goal of a PPC campaign is not only to increment the traffic on your website but mainly to get quality-highly converting leads. An effective PPC campaign, however, must go hand in hand with website optimization since your site’s interface is a really important aspect of the customer’s journey.

Time is not an issue

Not having to deal with time pressure is ideal for setting up a long run marketing strategy that will lead to lasting results.
In this case, a combination of all services (content marketing, PPC, website optimization) with a particular focus on SEO will lead to organic growth.
In that case we will use the help of all the services above plus SEO, for organic growth.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is known to be the most effective, thus slow, process for organic growth. It’s a long-term strategy because it might take up to 3 months before tracking the first meaningful results and this is why a combination of all the services is usually recommended. PPC can bring results faster and content marketing will build your brand awareness but SEO will strengthen your company’s online presence in the long term.
This means that, with an effective SEO strategy and once your company has reached the desired position on search engines, your website will steadily stay on that position and your audience will still be able to find you organically, even once SEO efforts are over.

2 - Let Us Do the Trick

When a startup is in a really early stage and when the founders are reasonably busy focusing on other aspects’ of the company's growth - finding team members, raising funds, developing the product - that’s the ideal time to hire an online marketing agency. Let the agency take care of the online growth of the company and you’ll have taken a big load off your back.

Starting with an in-depth research about competitors and company’s online opportunities is always a great idea. After pinpointing the startup’s online opportunities the next natural step is outlining a long-term growth strategy. Again, time is crucial for deciding what services to rely on, but let’s assume you have at least a couple of months to increase website’s traffic. In this case scenario content marketing should be the primary focus, followed by PPC.

We’ve explained what PPC can do in the short term and why valuable pieces of content are an effective method to engage users. However we haven’t really analyzed the role of content marketing for bringing substantial organic traffic to the website.
So, with the help of content marketing, it is possible to bring traffic to the website to begin with and then, through a captivating landing page, to encourage the user to leave his contact details. But how does content marketing increment the website traffic in the first place?
The main idea is creating interesting content and to offer it to blogs and magazines - for free. Most online magazines and publications are interested in quality pieces of content that come for free but only if it’s in line with their editorial guidelines and if it actually brings value to their readers. That’s why a lot of research is needed before drafting or pitching any article to a publication, both on the topic you want to cover and on the publications’ previously published content. A link to the company’s website should be added, naturally, within the piece itself and it needs to be relevant to the content of the article, adding value to what’s written. That way, any reader could be prompted to click on the company’s name and redirected to the website.

There you have it, a comprehensive guide to help you choose the most suitable services for accomplishing your online marketing objectives. Always focus on essential factors such as goals, time and prospects, and share them with your digital marketing agency. Then just sit back, relax and watch us make growth-magic happen.




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